Herp Laws

Federal Laws (U.S)





Classification At this time, only Bullfrogs are listed as a game species. All other native herps are considered nongame wildlife.

Killing The killing of any nongame herp is illegal unless it proves to be an imminent threat to persons or property (i.e. livestock or pets). This applies even to venomous snakes.

Hunting/Fishing A fishing license is required to take or attempt to take aquatic turtles or frogs.

Collecting/Possessing Wildlife pets are restricted to six individuals of a species per household. The sale, purchase, barter, or transporting of such animals from the state or the progeny thereof is prohibited. The following herps may not be taken: Alligator Snapping Turtles, Ornate Box Turtles, Hellbenders, troglodytic (cave-dwelling) species, or those animals defined as endangered species. You may also want to contact AGFC about Scientific Collection Permits and Wildlife Commercial Breeder/Dealer Permits. Beyond this, there may be county or city ordinances that restrict or prohibit the keeping of certain types of herps, especially those that grow to dangerously large sizes or are venomous.



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